Our Clients Say

"[The staff] were happy to explain the 'why' of all of the exercises. My time here is nearly over and all of my back and knee problems are a thing of the past.  I’m going to miss this place - a rarity when facing physical therapy." ~Sue

Custom Orthotics (Footwear)


Custom Orthotics (Shoes and Therapeutic Footwear)

Our clinicians are highly skilled at evaluating foot biomechanics and are able to recommend appropriate custom shoes, trainers and footwear to relieve pain and increase the effectiveness of exerxcise. We use a custom fitting process which accurately determines the best type of orthotic shoes/footwear for our clients. Our clinicians have over 19 years of experience with the design and recommendation of custom orthotics and foot & ankle disorders as well as other lower extremity problems. The right orthotics can prevent suffering from everyday activities such as walking, bending, lifting, and running as well as exercise and training, making a huge difference in quality of life.

How do you determine what kind of footwear will help me? 

We believe a solid diagnosis is the foundation for effective care. We use our expertise combined with cutting edge technology including:

How can physical therapy help my everyday living?

What are some programs you have for injuries?

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