Our Clients Say

"[The staff] were happy to explain the 'why' of all of the exercises. My time here is nearly over and all of my back and knee problems are a thing of the past.  I’m going to miss this place - a rarity when facing physical therapy." ~Sue

Running Program


Running Program

The Running Program is perfect for new competitive runners as well as seasoned pros looking to expand their performance and reduce injury. As experienced runners of 18+ years having competed in 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and Full Marathon events, we have the skills and understanding to rehabilitate overuse injuries, develop specific programs, which allow one to return to quality running. Let us design a custom running program to prepare you for a first time running event while minimizing the chances of developing an injury and stay on the track.


What about other programs to help athletes improve or prevent injury?

How do you diagnose injuries or find areas of improvement? 
We believe a solid diagnosis is the foundation for effective care. We use our expertise combined with cutting edge technology including:


How can physical therapy help my everyday living?

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