Our Clients Say

"[The staff] were happy to explain the 'why' of all of the exercises. My time here is nearly over and all of my back and knee problems are a thing of the past.  I’m going to miss this place - a rarity when facing physical therapy." ~Sue

Spine / Core Stabilization Program


Spine / Core Stabilization Program

Ledesma Sports Medicine recognizes that spine and core injuries can be some of the most disabling and painful. Our Spine /Core Stabilization Program include the development of a specific and custom rehabilitation program for patients suffering from cervical, thoracic, and or lumbar spine injuries. These can be caused by, but are not limited to car and motorcycle accidents, on-the-job and work related injuries, age, falls, bicycle injuries and heavy lifting. Our clinicians are highly skilled with manual therapy techniques to improve movement disorders associated with spine disorders.

How can physical therapy help my everyday living?

What are some programs you have for injuries?

What about programs to help athletes improve or prevent injury?

How do you diagnose injuries or find areas of improvement? 
We believe a solid diagnosis is the foundation for effective care. We use our expertise combined with cutting edge technology including:


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